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Derek Irvine posted a blog post

Help Employees Have Their “Best Days” in 2015

by Brenda PohlmanRecognize This! – Help employees have their best days at work in 2015 by fostering a culture of appreciation and gratitude.On New Year’s Eve my husband and I have a tradition that we’ve been practicing for years. It started with a simple question he asked me over dinner one New Year’s Eve, “What was the best day of the year for you?”The next year we decided to…See More
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

Top 10 Recognize This! Posts for 2014

by Derek IrvineRecognize This! – Reviewing the favorite posts of other readers may highlight a new favorite for you.I’m gratified to see many of my favorite posts from 2014 on this list, which is compiled from the most-read posts of 2014.(Click through on the titles for the full post.)Which are your favorites?1) Do…See More
Jan 15
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

It Just Shouldn’t Be This Difficult! – Eliminating Barriers to Recognition

by Brenda PohlmanRecognize This! — Sharing appreciation and gratitude for others should be simple to encourage frequent, timely praise and recognition.When was the last time you used a fax machine? I recently had the pleasure (ahem) of being re-acquainted with this office equipment fixture of old while trying to execute a recognition moment of sorts. I wanted to do a nice thing for a…See More
Jan 13
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Jan 9
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Jan 8
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Jan 6
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Jan 5
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

How to Succeed in the Human Economy

by Lynette SilvaRecognize This! – Our work is no longer about what we do or what we make, it’s about who we serve and how we behave.This week was a week of meetings. Usually that’s a groan-inducing phrase for many employees across the world, but these meetings were with the strategy and consulting team. That means we dealt with the “big picture,” diving into good, meaty…See More
Dec 23, 2014
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

Building Relationships with Remote Employees

by Andrea GappmayerRecognize This! – All employees, regardless of location, benefit from having a best friend at work.Let’s talk about your remote employees for a minute. Are they engaged? Do they have friends at work? Are…See More
Dec 22, 2014
Richard Teed posted a blog post

The Importance of ROI When Evaluating Ancillary Business Systems

There is a general category of software based business systems that is considered mission critical to most organizations.  Very few companies can operate without a general ledger package, a payroll system (or service), HRIS system, as well as industry specific systems for time and billing, manufacturing,…See More
Dec 16, 2014
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

Want to Motivate Others? Understand Your EQ First

by Lynette SilvaRecognize This! – Motivating others takes much more than a platitude hung on the wall.Typically when I see articles titled “How to Motivate Employees” my back goes up a little. Motivation is complex and as much the responsibility of the person you’re trying to motivate as it is you own as a manager or leader.The infographic below (from …See More
Dec 12, 2014
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

Lapel Pins in an Age of “What’s a Lapel?”

by Andrea GappmayerRecognize This! – When thinking of employee rewards, at the forefront of your mind should be “What is rewarding to the employee?,” not “What have we always done?”I had coffee with a group of friends last Sunday morning. One friend is a 25-year-old who works at one of the well-known Silicon Valley high tech companies.We were all talking about our lives—kids, jobs, dogs—and I…See More
Dec 8, 2014

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