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Richard Teed posted a blog post

The Importance of ROI When Evaluating Ancillary Business Systems

There is a general category of software based business systems that is considered mission critical to most organizations.  Very few companies can operate without a general ledger package, a payroll system (or service), HRIS system, as well as industry specific systems for time and billing, manufacturing,…See More
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

Want to Motivate Others? Understand Your EQ First

by Lynette SilvaRecognize This! – Motivating others takes much more than a platitude hung on the wall.Typically when I see articles titled “How to Motivate Employees” my back goes up a little. Motivation is complex and as much the responsibility of the person you’re trying to motivate as it is you own as a manager or leader.The infographic below (from …See More
Dec 12
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

Lapel Pins in an Age of “What’s a Lapel?”

by Andrea GappmayerRecognize This! – When thinking of employee rewards, at the forefront of your mind should be “What is rewarding to the employee?,” not “What have we always done?”I had coffee with a group of friends last Sunday morning. One friend is a 25-year-old who works at one of the well-known Silicon Valley high tech companies.We were all talking about our lives—kids, jobs, dogs—and I…See More
Dec 8
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Dec 5
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

Finding Your Hidden Heroes – Listen to Their Peers

by Lynette SilvaRecognize This! – Your “Steady Eddie” employees are the people who make it possible for your stars to shine. They deserve recognition and praise, too.If Traci Pesch can blog about …See More
Dec 2
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

Thank You for Your Service – A Lesson in the Power of Thanks From Our Military Service Members

by Brenda PohlmanRecognize This! – When recognition and appreciation fully permeate your culture, astounding things can be accomplished, often in the worst of situations.If you ever doubted the power of recognition, consider the military. I’d venture to say that perhaps no institution on the planet is better at recognition than our armed forces.Today is …See More
Dec 1
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

Want to Increase Employee Engagement? Communicate Meaning & Value of Work

by Derek IrvineRecognize This! – Employee engagement is increasing in most factors, but we’re still falling short in recognizing employees and providing them with the tools to do the job well.Last Friday, I shared information showing that increasing employee engagement is one of the best ways you can help …See More
Nov 24
Derek Irvine posted a blog post

Service Awards or Service Ignored?

by Andrea GappmayerRecognize This! – Your years of service anniversary approach sends a very loud message to employees. Is it the one you want them to hear?Many years ago, I was a radio disc jockey. One of those years, I was actually voted “Best DJ in Utah” by readers of one of the local papers. I was flattered, thrilled, and excited!I walked into work that day and my cubicle was…See More
Nov 20
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Nov 19
Derek Irvine posted blog posts
Nov 14
Richard Teed posted a blog post

HR Technology Is Changing to Work for David and Goliath

If there’s one thing we learned coming out of HR Tech this year, it’s that HR technology is truly evolving to provide software solutions designed and intended from the start to work just as well for smaller companies as larger ones.It’s true that HR technology designed for companies with fewer than 2,000 employees has been…See More
Oct 28
PVS RAVINDRA VARMA posted a blog post
Oct 25

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