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After reading about the "poop writing" experience, I'm wondering what other great stories are lingering out there in our community.

What is your most nightmare HR experience?

For me, I had to:
1) explain the importance of daily bathing and deodorant to one candidate
2) suffer through watching a phenomenal candidate with a significant stuttering challenge be rejected over and over again
3) correct an employee (not one I hired) when he repeatedly wanted to "axe" me a's "ask", buddy...and you didn't "seen that last week" you "saw" it last week!!!!!
4) find a way to explain to a hiring manager why his candidate was on the sex offender list for urinating in public (seriously)

You gotta love HR!!!!

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-Having my "mentor" tell me to just "figure it out" any time I asked her a question. I'm not stupid and I don't ask questions for no reason. If I'm new to a company, I will ask you how things are done here.
-Listening to a colleague bash every religion but her own and make snide comments to others in regards to their religion (or lack thereof). Seriously, she is a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

These both happened in the HR job the almost drove me away from HR.
Most difficult experience hand's down was child porn case. Horrendous. So many lives devastated.

Others included an employee who had visions that he was to leave his wife and marry a (currently married) supervisor. His. Stalking issues involved.

Trying not to laugh when an employee says, "my supervisor isn't doing what I want him to do." (Okay I will play your stupid game ... and why do you think that is?)

And I kid you not, an candidate who brought her friend (who to some people, me included, was invisible) to the interview with her. I know this because I had to get an extra chair....**As a formal social worker, I worked a lot with mental illness. I advised her in the future to leave ALL friends at home or have them wait in the car. Frankly who knows, maybe their really was a friend. :)

I love this field. It's like Social Work for money.
Imaginary friends in interviews?! Classic!!!!
Today has been a bad day...I had to term three people before lunch, and that is NOT what I need to mix with a Subway Meatball, let me tell you.

Yes, I understand you haven't been convicted of drug possesion with intent to sell, but you were arrested for it, it shows on your background check and we are not continuing your employment. (This is why I am trying to convince the managers that they really need to submit new hire paperwork before they make an offer. Maybe they will listen one of these days.)

Yes, I understand that you think your attendence is not an issue and it is your Manager's job to call and ask you why you aren't at work, but that is not the way it goes. Attendence is YOUR responsibility. Suck it up.

And I'm sorry that the felony charge of leaving an accident with injuries was just a huge misunderstanding, but the judge didn't think so when you were convicted and we simply cannot grant you a six month leave of absence so you can serve your sentence.

Anyone have cheese to go with my whine?

However, even though today was a bad day, my absolute WORST day in HR was the day I had to term an employee for masturbating in a neighboring business' parking lot while on the clock. Only to come back and receive a report of an employee made bomb threat. I was at work until 9 o'clock that night speaking to DHS.
OH MY GOSH!!!!! Now, THAT's a bad day!!!!
Sorry about that. I though I had clocked out.... :)

All these stories both horrific and hilarious! Glad to see everyone have a good sense of humor about this nonsense.

And Julie, you have my permission to leave work right now and go have a very tall drink.
young, white, male, who also presented his father's ss card for I-9...I feel pretty secure about it!


thanks for looking out for me tho, I'll even let you join me for a Hard Cider on my porch!

And does this mean I win? Do I get a prize?
Wow, I got nothing on you guys. Just goes to show that I haven't been in this long enough to get some truly horrendous stories. Oh, the things I have to look forward to.
Trying to investigate a complaint from one male employee about another, siting in the bathroom in the dark...doing...well...use your imagination. I needed to use an interpreter...cultural meanings confused the questions I was trying to ask....It was not fun

Then there was the accounting manager who called and asked me if I could tell him if he was married or not. My response was a question: "Shouldn't you know more about that than me????"
The story got even more interesting after that. I learned the price and ritual of buying a "beachfront" bride in the remote Pacific. The sad news....when she got to....Texas, she didn't adapt well on a cultural basis and had to go back home to the Island....bummer
I just read Julie's post....My bathroom guy was need to be discrete amongst HR geeks :)
Nope Michael, no need here. :)
Worst HR Experience:

When a employee filed suit on offensive and endagered work environment for the smell of "bacon".

No joke ..... the smell of bacon cooking made this person violently ill leading to unfortunate body functions in action.

Placed complaint a few times and a Vent was put in to detour from the odor.....but not enough for this person.

I had dealt with strong perfumes, body odor etc.... but "bacon" ....

Guess who won " or yet settled out of court yes the person won ..... Remained employed with settlement and NO MORE BACON actually cooking of any option (microwave) was removed completely.

Won because of lack of documentation ..... Go figure HR ... You know drilled in our heads document, document, document......

Oh the SAGA of HR .... Would not trade it for a day ..... All I can say after a day in HR "God I feel Normal" ......


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