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How to start employee development? At present I am providing trainings only technical, soft skills etc. Can anybody tell me what to do for development apart from trainings...

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As an Executive Coach I can tell you that many companies offer their senior management a set number of Executive Coaching hours per annum. The Executives can then call off those hours for a whole range of topics. Not only is this developmental (eg how can I implement this change) it provides them with the ability to continue to use the skills.

The problem with much developmental activity such as leadership training is that it gives the skills but may not tackle the undelying reluctance to apply them


Dear Mr. Tony,

Regards! I think the said reluctance to apply should be the goal of a good trainer and it can not be achieved overnight. We need patience and continuous chase to get desired behavioural change...


Hi Vilom I think you might achieve it by setting complimentary reward targets eg for increasing staff engagement scores. I'm not convinced chasing will be a solution. Although I could well be wrong.


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