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Millennials Leading Change at Work * Shouldn’t Ethical, Meaningful Impact Matter to Us All?

Recognize This! – Don’t dismiss Millennial needs as “entitled generation requests.” Their need to make a greater impact on the world can teach us all.

In 10 years, Millennials (also known as Gen Y) will make up 75% of the globalworkforce. With that reality staring us in the face, it’s time to …


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Compensation Cafe: 3 Tips to Increase Intrinsic Motivation with Recognition and Rewards

Recognize This! – Employee recognition and rewards, properly applied, are not detrimental to intrinsic motivation.

There’s a lot of research circulating on employee recognition, reward, motivation, inspiration, etc. Out of this research comes one question I hear often, “Don’t rewards cause employees to lose intrinsic…


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Not Everyone Is as Good as You Are * Why Recognizing Behaviors Matters

Recognize This! – Recognition serves an important role of communicating what’s most important. Be sure the right message is being conveyed.

Those in HR likely know the research that poor…


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Double Employee Engagement: Give Everyone the Power of Thanks

Recognize This! – Recognizing others is as powerful as being recognized yourself.

I write fairly regularly about why recognizing others is important – it reinforces what matters most; it encourages the recipient to repeat desired behaviors; it’s proven to increase productivity, performance, engagement and…


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Webinar 29th January: How to Get Buy-In for Recognition

Recognize This! – Executive buy-in and visible support is critical to the success of strategic social recognition programs.

I am honored to be moderating a webinar on “How to Get Buy-In for…


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Compensation Cafe: 3 Lessons for Truly Global Employee Recognition

Recognize This! – Simply exporting a domestically designed program to global locations will create unintended consequences through poor program design and implementation.

Globalization of any domestic-designed program can have unintended consequences from the mild to the downright terrifying. That’s why careful…


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What Is “Good Recognition?” The Student Becomes the Teacher

Recognize This! – Anyone can write powerful, personal, meaningful messages of recognition, with thoughtfulness and a little effort.

A fundamental component of social recognition done right is very specific…


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Compensation Cafe: Why Recognition Matters – Communicating the Value of Work

Recognize This! – Your direct appreciation of another’s contributions or successes matters far more than you may think.

Check out my most recent post on Compensation Cafe in which I share a brief case study of…


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3 Ways to Get the Most out of Social Recognition in 2014

Recognize This! – Implemented correctly, a truly strategic approach to social recognition can deliver desired results for increased performance, productivity, engagement and retention faster than nearly any other HR-driven effort.

As we enter a new year, let’s resolve to take advantage of the new tools, techniques and…


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Top 10 Favorite Posts on Recognition & Appreciation for 2013

Recognize This! – At the end of each year, I like to reflect on my favorite posts. This year, however, I wanted to share your favorite posts for the year.

5 Most Read 2013 Recognize This! Posts…


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Compensation Cafe: “Employees First” in Retail and What Motivates More?

Recognize This! – ‘Tis the season for giving – and the easiest gift to give is our appreciation to those we interact with every day.

Check out my most recent posts on Compensation Cafe for the business impact of recognition done right.



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Top 5 Ways to Say Thanks

Recognize This! – There are countless ways to express appreciation, but keep these top ways in mind.

As my American team members prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m in a mood to share top ways to say thanks. While the below are written with the workplace in mind, all can (and should) be applied in our…


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Compensation Cafe: 3 Lessons Learned from Over-Reliance on Pay for Performance

Recognize This! – Recognitions serves a distinct and critical role from compensation. Don’t confuse the two.

Check out my post this week on Compensation Cafe in which I share the…


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3 Lessons from Ford: Why Culture Matters

Recognize This! – Company culture, as the culmination of individual behaviors, can be the critical factor for success in very difficult times.

The 2008 recession was shocking to many for many reasons, not least of which was the failure or near failure of very large companies that had become institutions in the minds of…


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Employees and HR Agree! Recognition Most Important for Engagement – What Are You Doing about It?

Recognize This! – Make it easy for anyone to meaningfully recognize others and track the impact on your culture.

ADP in the UK recently conducted a survey of employees and HR Directors (HRDs) in the UK. (Full report and …


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Compensation Cafe: Balancing Purpose and Pay to Hire, Retain and Engage Top Performers

Recognize This! – The purpose and meaning of our work are as important as the pay we receive to the work/return equation.

Check out my latest post on Compensation cafe, in which I…


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2 Lessons from CEOs: Define Success for All Employees, Then Recognize Them for It

Recognize This! – Give people clear parameters for success then don’t forget to follow-through and praise them when they achieve it.

It’s been several months since I last commented on the wisdom from CEOs featured in the weekly “Corner Office” column in The New York Times.

Make Sure Everyone…


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Open the Floodgates of Employee Recognition

Recognize This! – Limiting employee appreciation only serves to undermine the goals of giving recognition in the first place.

I am deeply disturbed by an article by Lucy Kellaway in Financial Times. In it,…


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3 Consequences of Getting Team Recognition Wrong

Recognize This! – Old hierarchical org structures are often inappropriate for recognizing teams in today’s social web workforce.

The husband of a member of my team (we’ll call him Tom) works on very complex circuit board designs. The way the company is structured, Tom is pulled in as a resource to an engineering team as…


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Chasing Celebration

Recognize This! – The crowning accomplishment of one often marks the achievement of team – and that is worthy of celebration.

I’m not a baseball fan. As an Irishman, baseball is not a native sport for me. Yet, I’m often in our Boston-area offices where it’s impossible to not be swept up by Red Sox fever (especially…


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