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Compensation Cafe: 3 Steps to Get Even More Out of Compensation

Recognize This! – In it’s most broad definition, “compensation” can encompass all of Total Rewards. How are you bringing the power of your Total Rewards to drive what is most important your organization’s success?

Today on …


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Don’t Just Thank Employees * Show Your Appreciation These 3 Ways

Recognize This! – A positive relationship built on respect is fundamental to building a culture of recognition and a relationship built on appreciation.

It’s no surprise to regular readers that my favorite topic of conversation on this blog is how we can all do a better job of sharing our appreciation for each other’s efforts at…


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Horrible Bosses: Do These 2 Things to Reform Them into Star Leaders

Recognize This! – Reforming horrible bosses relies on focusing on feedback skills, both positive and negative.

Do you work for a horrible boss? Have you ever?

Some of my favorite email feeds are from SmartBrief. In short, easy-to-read snippets, I can skim through the latest news, blogs and commentary on…


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5 Lessons Learned from Employee Reactions to “Employee Appreciation Day”

Recognize This! – A culture of recognition relies on employee perception of ongoing appreciation and acknowledgment of exceptional behaviors, effort and results.

In honor of Employee Appreciation Day last Friday, my CEO Eric Mosley shared …


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Stop Working So Hard at Change Management and Change Your Company Culture for the Better

Recognize This! – Creating the culture your organization needs to succeed in good times and bad is, perhaps, simpler than you imagine.

This excellent article in Strategy + Business explains why complex …


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Do These 2 Things or Watch Your Best Employees Leave

Recognize This! – Ongoing, immediate recognition of excellence is as important as career growth and development opportunities to retain top talent.

There are …


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Today on Compensation Cafe – Take a NAP for Effective Employee Recognition

Recognize This! – Effective employee recognition requires more than a casual “Hey, thanks!”

Check out my post today on Compensation Cafe. I explain why employee recognition and appreciation is quite…


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The Real Reason to Worry about Indicators of Employees Ready to Quit

Recognize This! – “I quit but forgot to tell you” employees are costing you more than you…


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Why Employee Engagement Doesn’t Work

Recognize This! – Buzzwords don’t deliver desired results. Effort to communicate meaning and value does.

There seems to be a good bit of push-back against employee engagement lately. I can’t say I’m surprised. This is fairly typical as any good idea or methodology morphs into a buzzword over time. However, the…


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Compensation Cafe: It’s Weather, Not Climate

Recognize This! – Know your goals for recognition versus incentives: broad impact on all over the long term, or short-term impact on fewer.

Are you as tired of this endless winter as my New England-based team is? Check out…


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3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Social Recognition * How JetBlue Got Its Lift

Recognize This! – Social recognition has most impact when it touches all employees frequently, wherever and however they work, to drive the data needed to make smart talent and business decisions.

During my career as an employee recognition strategist and consultant, I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with many…


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How to Remake the Traditional Performance Review and Reap Deep Benefits * An Adobe Case Study

Recognize This! – Frequent, timely, deeply (and broadly) informed conversations on performance deliver better results – both in ongoing productivity and attrition.

It must be nearing annual performance review season. My reader is filling up with news articles and blog posts on…


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Don’t Tame Your Workplace “Wild Ducks” – Avoid These 3 Creativity & Innovation Killers

Recognize This! – Creativity and innovation must be actively encouraged and supported or complacency can easily set in.

My recent post, …


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HR Directors Business Summit Learnings & Predictions * Social & Mobile Recognition as Game Changers

Recognize This! – The immediacy and impact of social and mobile recognition changes the game on multiple fronts for employees and employers.

Earlier this week I had the honor and pleasure of presenting at the HR Directors Business Summit in Birmingham, England. I’ve been…


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Why ROI for Employee Recognition Is Rapidly Reflected in the Bottom-Line

Recognize This! – Recognition is for all generations, not just Gen Y, to drive the greatest business results.

Following up on …


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Millennials Leading Change at Work * Shouldn’t Ethical, Meaningful Impact Matter to Us All?

Recognize This! – Don’t dismiss Millennial needs as “entitled generation requests.” Their need to make a greater impact on the world can teach us all.

In 10 years, Millennials (also known as Gen Y) will make up 75% of the globalworkforce. With that reality staring us in the face, it’s time to …


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Compensation Cafe: 3 Tips to Increase Intrinsic Motivation with Recognition and Rewards

Recognize This! – Employee recognition and rewards, properly applied, are not detrimental to intrinsic motivation.

There’s a lot of research circulating on employee recognition, reward, motivation, inspiration, etc. Out of this research comes one question I hear often, “Don’t rewards cause employees to lose intrinsic…


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Employee Engagement – Definitions and Reality

Recognize This! – For all the academic definitions of employee engagement, seeing a truly engaged employee at work is the most meaningful.

I think there are more …


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Not Everyone Is as Good as You Are * Why Recognizing Behaviors Matters

Recognize This! – Recognition serves an important role of communicating what’s most important. Be sure the right message is being conveyed.

Those in HR likely know the research that poor…


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Double Employee Engagement: Give Everyone the Power of Thanks

Recognize This! – Recognizing others is as powerful as being recognized yourself.

I write fairly regularly about why recognizing others is important – it reinforces what matters most; it encourages the recipient to repeat desired behaviors; it’s proven to increase productivity, performance, engagement and…


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