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Organizations focus mostly on managing high performers, probably as a risk
mitigation measure.

After all the high-performers are considered as the drivers of business and
their retention is a high priority for the organization.

This article, however, examines how to manage non-performers which may
sometimes be 10-20% of your employee strength.

Who are non-performers ?

Are non-performers those who
* Do not meet their targets?
* Do not contribute to the team effort?
* Do not have the required skills & competencies?
* Do not get along well their supervisors?
* Take no action on the tasks assigned to them?
* Spend no time on self development?
* Take no interest in the organizational activities?
* Have a poor attendance record?
* Are involved in disciplinary cases?
* Are not interested in training and mentoring others?
* Lodge maximum number of complaints and grievances?
* Have never received any rewards or recognitions?
* Have below average performance rating over the years?
* Have been repeatedly counseled to improve performance?
* Are trouble creators in the organization?
* Are generally disliked by peers & seniors?
* Avail of all types of leave & full slag times (lunch/ coffee breaks).

Perhaps most of the above aspects need to be examined before labeling an employee as ‘non performer’. This is possible only if you have composite on-line HR systems.

A few thoughts!


  • You have always picked the right person for the right job.
  • Your recruitment process was fair and you always searched for the best available talent.
  • From your recruitment records you can verify the ratings of non-performers in the psychometric tests & their evaluation by
    interviewers & professionals.
  • You kept the new entrants on probation for a sufficient time.
  • You had a proper system for induction & on-boarding.
  • You screened the probationers well before their confirmation.
  • Your process speaks of no scope of the entry of low profile people in your organization.


Then who created non-performers?

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